An interpretation of the contemporary imagination of a reality.
This current space is where I share my observations of the everyday environment.
All work is credited to their creator.
Enjoy your everyday. Y.V.

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Unknown Artist. Defamiliarized the Ordinary. University of Manitoba. University Centre. 2013.
Sheila Moodie. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
Y.V. Art District 2050. Model. Networks + Infrastructure. Downtown Winnipeg.
Earth from Space. “The Earth as one gigantic super system.”
Asnate Bockis. I am at home (2008).
Stadsdeel Westerpark. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Cause you belong to the city You belong to the night Livin’ in a river of darkness Beneath the neon light.

"Because, lights blinding, no way dividing what’s yours or mine When everything’s shining You darkness is shining My darkness is shining Have faith in ourselves Truth” Alex Ebert.
Unknown Artist. Paste Poster Drawing of a Large Bird. Public Art.London. United Kingdom.
Y.V. Lost in Suburbia.
Máximapark, Leidsche Rijn, Vleuten, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
YV. Left Building - 55 Whitehall, Westminster, London.

Click on this photo_ Skyfall - Official Teaser Trailer by SonyPictures skip to 1:10 and experience the view from the DECC rooftop with Bond.
Erica Swendrowski. Marbles on Portage.
Portage Aveneue.
Fantastic Mr. Fox. Director_ Wes Anderson.
“… To our survival.”
Nancy Rubins Airplane Parts. Museum of Contemporary Art. 250 South Grand Avenue. Los Angeles. 2001.
Chris Kuzma. Sprout.